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Learning Lino

I’ve always been in awe of printmaking but never had the guts to throw myself into it. So, in order to ease myself into this medium, I’ve started experimenting with Linocut. After one workshop to get the basics (with the lovely and ever patient Silvain Monney), and a few attempts at home with simple black ink, here are my main takeaways:

  1. It’s harder than it looks
  2. It’s all about light and shadows (silhouettes look great)
  3. The printing is the cherry on top, spend most of your time on the drawing. Mock up the drawing so you know what your print will look like.
  4. Don’t be in a hurry when you carve, you can’t un-carve when you slip. Take it slow, take breaks, it takes concentration.
  5. In the beginning: keep it simple !